Two COVID-19 initiatives

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The So & So Arts Club and LIVR offer free space, capture,

and upload of performances affected by COVID-19

A new way for theatre makers to carry on in the current pandemic


The So & So Arts Club in partnership with LIVR are proud to announce an ongoing collaboration to help any production that was closed either before it was due to run, prior to its run, or during the production because of the COVID-19 pandemic. As soon as possible, So & So will open up its performance space for affected companies to perform their work in order to be recorded by LIVR - all for free. This will help production companies to create a record of work that may have been cancelled or stalled by the coronavirus outbreak, and to promote their work and share it with their intended audience in a free and accessible way. So & So and LIVR are offering this service totally free of charge in order to help companies weather the tide of this pandemic.


Sarah Berger, artistic director of The So & So Arts Club, says, “We know how hard it has been for all of those companies who have invested time, money, and talent into their shows, only to see them vanish overnight. Some of you will not even have had a chance to document or record promotional material to help with a future production once the worst of this virus is over. We have a suggestion, The So & So Arts Club will provide free theatre space with LX/SFX etc and Leo and the brilliant team at LIVR will come and capture the performance, produce it, and make it available to the companies - free of charge.”


The So & So Arts Club will organise the creative programming and LIVR will manage the technical aspect. The process will begin subject to the availability of the team on or after 6 April 2020, or depending on the current situation as soon as possible after that date.


Sarah concludes by saying, "In these very difficult times it is essential that we pull together and help each other and our fragile business to survive.”


If you would like to work with us on this endeavour and be part of the programme, please email


Together we are stronger. 


About LIVR

The best seat in the house, without leaving the house.

LIVR is the world’s first virtual reality content platform dedicated to theatre. It offers a fully immersive 360° VR experience that transports you into the audience at some of the best live performances; on-demand and from the comfort of home.

From brave new works by emerging companies to critically acclaimed productions, LIVR’s ever-growing content library has something for everybody.

And it just takes a mobile phone and a few simple steps to get started.


About The So & So Arts Club

The So & So Arts Club was set up in 2012 by Sarah Berger in order to bring together artists and creatives under one collaborative and supportive umbrella. Its aim is to pool the talent and resources of actors, writers, directors, designers, musicians, artists, and producers. Through events held at the Club (which boasts rehearsal space, performance space, and desk space, as well as a cafe and Clubhouse area), it provides networking opportunities and offers support in all our members’ creative endeavours, in order to open doors, create possibilities, and promote paid work, along with supporting the wider artistic community.

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Many of you have asked.... What do we need?

Firstly, we want voices from all communities - we need to hear from every community and find our collective strength.


Contact us by email in one of three ways:

If you need help - have a question, need advice, feel distressed, then email us and put HELP in the subject header. We will then set out to find someone who can answer your questions, and get you the help you need. Mark the email HELP.

If you can offer hope - ideas for creative freelancers to find work, alternative means of income, opportunities for home working, maintaining mental health during isolation, supporting those who are isolated, or you can connect us to some we should be speaking to, then email in, give us the details and we will pass this on in the next episode. Mark this email header HOPE.

If you have the means of recording an interview with someone we need to speak to - either through a basic Skype set up or a home studio - please get in touch. After one day we are already overwhelmed with requests for people to offer help, input, and expertise. If you are able to undertake this work, contact us. We’ll send you the paperwork and technical information required. Be part of the team to send in the recordings to us, then mark your email INTERVIEW.