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The So & So Arts Club has a boutique café that serves the theatre, rehearsal spaces, and offices. It offers a wide variety of lunchtime options and coffee straight from ethical local roasters.

Open Monday-Friday 10am-4pm.

Meal Deal: Any sandwich with a drink or snack for just £3.20!


Locally sourced coffee

Americano (£1.80 | £2)

Latte (£2 | £2.20)

Cappuccino (£2 | £2.20)

Flat White (£2)

Babyccino (£0.50)

Tea Pigs tea (All £1.90)

Everyday blend

Earl Grey


Honeybush and Rooibos

Soft drinks (All £1)


Diet Coke

Cawston Sparkling Elderflower

Cawston Sparkling Apple and Rhubarb

Harrogate Spa Still Water

Harrogate Spa Sparkling Water


Toasted Sandwiches £2.80 | £3.20 meal deal

Peri-Peri Chicken

Bacon | lettuce | tomato

Salt beef | dill | mustard

(V) Mozzarella | pesto | tomato

(V) Goat's cheese | olives | peppers | rocket

Wraps (£2.80 | £3.20 meal deal)

(VG) Beetroot | hummus | onion | tomato

(VG) Falafel | hummus | onion

Snacks (All £1)

Salty Dog sea salt crisps

Salty Dog cheddar and onion crisps

Salty Dog salt and malt vinegar crisps

Cakes (All £2)

Red Velvet Cake

All Butter Flapjack

Vegan Belgium Chocolate Fudge

Vegan Blackcurrant Crumble